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Save Big Money with Microsoft

Microsoft has a little known website that, in my opinion,  is quite possibly the best kept secret in all of IT.  The URL is  www.microsoftincentives.com and is a site dedicated to explaining any and all promotions and incentives that Microsoft is currently offering.  There is currently a promotion called the Big Easy that has gone through quite a few iterations and is now being offered again.  If you are in the market for purchasing Microsoft licensing, it would be well worth your while to check this offer out.   Here is some information from the site that can help give you an idea of how it works. 

Big Easy Offer 4.0

The Big Easy Offer gives you choices on Microsoft products and solutions that fit your needs. For every qualifying product you purchase, Microsoft pays you partner subsidy funds that can be used with a Microsoft Partner of your choice to help with the implementation of your Microsoft solution including software, hardware and services.

What is a Subsidy?
A subsidy is a check made payable to the Microsoft partner of your choice. This subsidy can be used to enrich and implement your Microsoft solution. The subsidy allows you to purchase additional products or services from the Microsoft partner of your choice thus lowering your Total Cost of Ownership.

How do I take advantage of the Big Easy Offer 4.0?

  • Make a qualifying purchase between January 3, 2010 and March 31, 2010.
  • Redeem your purchase within 30 days of purchase date at http://www.microsoftincentives.com/BigEasy4/redeem.aspx.
  • Receive your partner subsidy check from Microsoft.
  • Spend your subsidy funds with your Microsoft partner upon receipt. Please note that subsidy funds expire after 90 days of the check issue date.
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